Creative director experienced in branding, photography, packaging, marketing communications and online applications. 
My love for photography began the day my father placed his beloved Pentax K1000 film SLR camera into my hands. He taught me all about depth of field, exposure, film speed and technique – I was hooked. I continued to study photography in college, where I learned how to develop and print my own photos. The lab was my happy place.
Growing up in Mexico City filled my life with colorful culture and bright spices. My mother’s cooking was one of the greatest parts of my daily life. My memories of her in the kitchen preparing our daily meals turned me into the foodie I am today.
The Studio has given me the opportunity to combine my passions of food and photography. Living in the Bay Area, I’m exposed to a great variety of gastronomy. I appreciate the work that goes into making food not only taste good, but look good, too.
When you look at my portfolio, I hope that you’re able to envision yourself sitting at my table enjoying this celebration of food with the people around you.
If you’d like to hear more about how I work, or how we can work together, drop me a line!

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